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All 2B Safe has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Health and Safety which enable the workplace to operate safely through the implementation and use of preventative measures. As a result, a greater number of hazards are avoided but in the unfortunate event that an accident or incident may occur in the workplace, the company that uses these resources will be better equipped to deal with the outcome.

Respirator Fit Test

Accident/Incident Investigation

Work well Audit/ Risk Assessment and Management Plan

Safety Audits

On-Site Safety Advice

Occupational Health & Safety Management Ergonomics

Pre-Construction Risk Assessments

Safety Pre-Qualification Review

Joint Health and Safety Committee Guidance

Safety Policy, Programs and Procedures

WSIB Case Management

Early & Safe Return to Work

Fire Protection

Emergency Preparedness/Rescue Plans

Engineering Controls

Assistance with Design & Engineering of Safety Systems

Assistance with COR, OSHAS 18001, Z1000 and other standards certification

Liaison with MOL and other outside parties, and subtrades.

We create personalized procedures and implement them in the workplace.

Examples of this include COVID-19, Rescue Plan, Scaffolding, and others.

In addition, we can help to adapt your job site with the mandatory safety information (Safety Board, Safety Cabinet, Signs, and more) which is requested by the Ministry of Labor. Once all the observations are made a report is compiled at the end of the site visit.

Contact us to request a quote. We have promotional packages and Safety site inspections starting from $ 150.00.