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Working at Heights

CPO-approved Working at Heights Training

Course Description

This program clarifies the basics of fall security in the industries of construction, transportation, electrical and utilities. This course includes instructor provided guidance, hands-on presentation and assessment to some basic gear and procedures. Includes wallet certificate valid for 3 years.

Course Outline

  •  Roles and responsibilities of the employer, constructor, supplier, supervisor and worker.
  • Regulations that address fall hazards, fall protection equipment and working at heights projects.
  • Working at heights hazards and the hierarchy of controls to protect workers.
  • Safe work procedures and plans to identify and control working at height hazards.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various types of ladders.
  • Requirements for barriers.
  • The setup, use, maintenance and storage of travel restraint and fall arrest system.
  • Use of bump lines, barriers, guardrails and safety nets.
  • Use of vertical, horizontal and retractable lifelines.

Training Location

2007 Lawrence Ave. W. Unit 5

Toronto, Ontario

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